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Falcon Solutions

This page is a jumping off point to find out more about each of the individual controllers and software solutions.  When possible, pages are cross-linked to refer to shared information.

  • Pixelnet Controllers
    • F8v1
    • F16v1
    • F16v2  (also E1.31, also Direct-connected)
  • E1.31 Controllers
    • F16v2 (also Pixelnet, also Direct-connected)
  • Direct-connected Controllers
    • F16v2 (also Pixelnet, also E1.31)
    • F16Bv1
    • F4Bv1
  • Pixelnet Hubs
    • F16 Hub
  • Power
    • ATX
  • FPP (aka FP) Software (Show Computer)