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Falcon Pixlenet/DMX 512 Dongle

The Falcon FPD is a daughter board for the Falcon Pi Player that allows you to output 32k channels. It supports both Pixelnet and DMX 512 output via 12 universes ports (4 universes per RJ-45 Jack) in any combination.

With the addition of this daughter board to the Falcon Pi Player it would be the same capability as 2 EtherDongles, 1 Conductor, and 1 Slave. Along with additional features not available elsewhere.

FPD Build Notes =

The FPD build instructions will be coming shortly. However I wanted to post a few important notes on here until it is ready.

  1. Use the large single pin header in the BOM kit to break apart and use for the 2 ISCSP, Test 1, Test 2, and the TRG header.
  2. The 18pin dual header is not included in the BOM, and is for future use of the Real Time Clock.
  3. The TRG is for future use of the RDS when developed
  4. Place a jumper on the two header pins at Test 1 location.
  5. The FPD can be used to power the Pi Player by using the USB type 1 port on the FPD to a mini USB power port on the Pi Player. (power to the Pi Player is the only function of the USB port on the FPD)

Future Use: The 18pin header, the TRG, The LED Lights at D3 & D4, The pushbutton Switch, and the Test 1 header are all used for future use, and not currently active in the Alpha Release 1.

When flashing the Pic 32MX795F512L with the FPD Firmware, remember the ICSP Pin 1 (matches up with the Triangle on the Pixkit ribbon) is the pin closest to the edge with the LED lights. (Opposite side of the RJ45 jacks)


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