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* LINSN Boards
* LINSN Boards
* Color Light Boards
* Color Light Boards
** [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhAwxyEqZlQ LEDVISION Setup Video]
** [http://www.colorlight-led.com/download/Colorlight_LEDVISION_4_20_Setup.html Download/Manuals]
** [http://www.colorlight-led.com/download/Colorlight_LEDVISION_4_20_Setup.html Download/Manuals]

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Falcon Christmas Wiki
Welcome to the Falcon Christmas Wiki!
This is the official wiki for the Falcon Christmas Products. Here you will find information regarding the building/assembly, configuration, Firmware, and Software required for the Falcon Christmas Products.

Current Versions

Hardware/Device Current Software Version Current Firmware Version Build Manual User Manual
SSC v1,v2,v3,v3 Mod Falcon µSC/SSC Programmer 1.0.12 SSCv1 2 3 v1.0.11.hex
SSC Version 4 Falcon µSC/SSC Programmer 1.0.12 SSCv4 v0.0.6.hex
µSC (Micro SmartString Controller) Falcon µSC/SSC Programmer 1.0.12 µSC_v1.hex
DMXBridge Falcon Controller Software v1.2.3 pixelnetDMXbridge_v1.0.2_id_0.hex
Falcon Player (FPP) Latest FPP Install Images: (once installed, you can upgrade to the latest 1.x version via the Web UI)

Pi (FPP v1.8),

BBB SD (FPP v1.5),

BBB eMMC (FPP v1.5)

see FPP Forum Sticky Posts for instructions for RasPi and BBB

  1. BBB http://falconchristmas.com/forum/index.php/topic,2742.0.html
  2. RasPi http://falconchristmas.com/forum/index.php/topic,483.0.html
FPD v1 n/a FPD Alpha 0.0.10 Firmware.hex
Falcon F-16v1 Falcon Controller Software v1.2.3 Falcon16 v1.0.2.hex Manual Link Manual Link
Falcon F-8 Falcon Controller Software v1.2.3 Falcon8 v1.0.1.hex 
Falcon 16 Hub Falcon Controller Software v1.2.3 Falcon Hub v1.0.0.hex

We are working on creating a Falcon Hardware Utility software that will combine all the configuration tools for all the Falcon products (Exception being the Falcon Player).


  • Only Administrators and Wiki Editors can edit Falcon Products and their associated pages.
  • If you would like to help edit the Wiki or Write manuals for Falcon Products. Please contact a Site Administrator. (David, MyKroFt, or Kevin)
  • All Users may edit the FAQ, Help, and the Software Pages. And request new pages to be created via a Administrator.


Hardware Help FAQ Software Peripherals

(Users Manuals, Assembly Manuals, Firmware,
Configurations Software, Graphics, Build Kits)


Supported Lights

Links to other Falcon Christmas Sections

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